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Date: Fri Dec 06/12/13 10.00 pm


Getting you aquarium right

Planning for an aquarium? If yes, then you are ready to enter a world with multitude of benefits. Studies dating back as far as 80ís have shown that just looking at an aquarium can reduce your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, insomnia and even Alzheimerís. Even looking at an aquarium without fishes has proven to have reduced stress. So the fun equation works as this

Stress Level:

No aquarium > Empty Aquarium> Aquarium with water>Aquarium with fishes

Now you might even think about jumping into an ocean, but I would say itís indeed a great idea because you will reduce all your stress because you are no longer aliveÖ.

So how do you get your aquarium right?

Decide the placement of your tank:

I would prefer to talk about doníts

  1. Never place it somewhere there could be excessive sunlight. Excessive sunlight cause growth of algae and cleaning will become a nightmare.
  2. Donít place it under a vent, which might cause dust accumulation which might distort the water temperature that is pretty vital for fishes.
  3. Consider the ability of the structure that is going to hold your aquarium
  4. Most important, place it somewhere close to an outlet, else cleaning will become a huge task.

Buy the best tank:

Now as you have decided the spot, now choose a best fit tank. Make sure that you have the best tank based on the fishes that you are planning to have. Check for leaks by placing it on top of a newspaper and pouting some water into it. Leave it for some time and if the newspaper is still dry, your tank is leak proof. Ainít so much of revelation, but itís just a caution.

Filter for the Tank:

You have to choose between undergravel filters or power filters. For amateurs itís better to choose power filters over undergravel filters.

Get Substrate:

Choose gravel or sand for the bottom; this is essential to a healthy aquarium and helps fish keep their orientation in the water. Cheap gravel (lots of color choices) and play sand (stick with black or natural white or brown) can be purchased from Pet Stores dealing in aquarium products. Sand is optimal for fish and invertebrates that like to burrow but it needs to be stirred on a regular basis to prevent dead spots that can wreak havoc on your tank.

Get the Basic Setup fitted

For underwater gravel filter make sure the lift tubes are fitted and attach your pump airlines or powerhead into the appropriate lift tube.

If you've chosen an external power filter, set it up on the back of the tank. Some tank hoods come with pre-perforated cut-outs which make it easier to position your equipment. Do not turn it on until the tank is filled completely with water.

Ensure one side of the tank is screened. This is because, the fishes simply like it that way.

After the gravel has been laid down, start aquascaping. This is essential based on the fishes you are planning to grow. They need caves and crevices. So set the scape right.

Fill the tank up to 1/3 and get your canopy right. Now the next question would be whether to have artificial or natural plants? Even the best keepers have difference in opinion. Both have equal pros and cons.

Fill the tank.

Fishless Cycle:

Let the aquarium that way before you start adding fishes. Monitor the changes, and be sure you are not sending your fishes into a death trap. Leave it for at least a week.

Now add fishes and enjoy.

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